Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is an exceptional form of insulation. It is known for its versatility and property owners prefer it over others. Primarily it is in the form of liquid and is applied through a gun. It reaches the space, expands itself, and fills itself in every nick and cranny. In this way, Spray foam insulation creates a solid insulation medium. People think it is a do-it-yourself job but due to certain complexities and better finish, it is important to hire professionals for spray foam insulation installation.

This blog will highlight the benefits of spray foam insulation.

Pros of spray foam insulation


Spray foam is versatile and its adaptability makes it compatible with all sorts of structures and surfaces including walls, roofs, ceilings, attics, and every other type of structure. This versatility makes it the perfect choice for insulation for residential and commercial units.

Water Repellent

Water is a dangerous customer and can easily seep through pipes and vents. This can be extremely dangerous as structural damage and mold growth can occur. The ordinary types of insulation often get wet and allow water to pass through them. These wet insulations lose their credibility and need to be replaced. Spray foam is a water repellent and doesn’t allow the water to pass through it. It also pushers itself in the smallest of corners. So, installing them will ensure water won’t be allowed to enter your place.

Provides an Airtight Insulation

Ordinary types of insulation are not air tight and air can easily pass through most of them. This is why temperature fluctuates in any space and the HVAC system has to work hard to maintain uniform indoor temperature. Spray foam is an airtight type of insulation and doesn’t allow air, pests, and other form of elements to pass through it. This is how it maintains a uniform temperature inside an indoor place and is energy efficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, spray foam reduces the cost of heating and cooling by up to 15%. This is indeed a safe investment for residential and commercial property owners.

Limits Mold, Bacterial, and Pest Growth

Spray foam not only is water resistant but also is composed of inert polymer. It does not provide any sort of food for mold and bacteria to grow. It also does not allow the allergens to grow and establishes the best indoor air quality. It is safe to say that investing in this insulation type pays you in a variety of ways.

Environmentally Friendly

Spray foam is an environmentally friendly type of insulation as it reduces your carbon consumption. In today’s world property owners are shifting to green building materials to reduce their carbon footprint. Insulating your property through reliable spray foam insulation contractors is an excellent idea. They install it with ultimate precision and perfection.

It is Long-Lasting

Spray foam is the most reliable and lasting type of insulation. It stays there for the longest period because of its compatibility and composition. It is made up of polyurethane and isocyanate. When these two react, they expand and harden themselves. Once hardened spray foam never loses its shape. It is resistant to high temperatures. This is why when you choose this type of insulation, it stays there for years and you need not worry about upgradation.

It is Soundproof

Spray foam is a type of insulation that stays there for the longest period and is a soundproof option as well. It adjusts itself well even in the very small cracks and holes and does not allow sound or noise to pass through it. it keeps you alright and does not allow the outside noise to disturb you. If you are a business owner wanting peace in your office, you must contact professionals for commercial spray foam insulation right away.

Why professionals must be hired to install it

It is highly recommended to hire professionals to install this insulation. The following are the reasons why professional assistance is required.

Professionals are Experts

Professionals are trained professionals and are well aware of the chemical components and their mixing. They rightly mix the two chemical components in the required ratio to gain optimal results.

Have Specialized Equipment

Spray foam is applied by using specialized equipment. Nonprofessionals lack these tools and also lack the expertise to operate them. This equipment consists of a specialized type of gun and hoses. Experts are trained to operate them ensuring uniform application of the insulation.

Follows The Safety Protocols

Applying spray foam insulation involves the careful handling of chemicals. There are several safety protocols for handling these chemicals. Professionals are well aware of all these safety protocols and strictly comply with them. This involves wearing chemical-resistive personal protective equipment like gloves, eyeglasses, masks, and other such PPE.

Understand The Construction Structure and Building Codes

Building structures are sometimes extremely complex and need a certain level of commanding knowledge to perfectly apply the insulation over them. This is where professionals stand out. They keenly analyze the building structure and apply the insulation accordingly. They ensure insulation is applied correctly and reaches every inch of the cracks as well.

There are several building codes given by the regulatory authorities. Professionals have extensive knowledge of these building codes and ensure they fully comply with them. This helps in foolproof installation and avoidance of any legalities in the future.

Provides Insured Services

Insulating a space requires a heavy amount. Homeowners need to get insurance that their investment is secured and this is what professionals do. They offer insured services that cover all the losses that may occur during the insulation work. Their services are often warranted as well.

Wrap up

Spray foam insulation is a remarkable form of insulation and certainly a worthy investment. It offers several benefits including reduced energy costs, airtight insulation, durability, and other above-mentioned benefits. Whether you need residential or commercial spray foam insulation, it is highly recommended to hire professionals for its installation. They are dependable, well trained, and equipped, and ensure performing the insulation work to perfection. If you want a peaceful installation that is according to safety standards you must leave it to the experts!

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